Discontinued Products

The AG-623CN-49 is a cost effective radio designed for the public safety band market. Using the Atheros AR5006x chipset and tuned specially for the 4.9Ghz band. The XA-623AH-49 is a true time to market radio that is compatible with MADWiFi and other Atheros drivers available on the web today.
The XG-624S is Zcomax latest, AR2417 based 802.11b/g wireless mini PCI module that has been designed specifically for integrated applications. It is an 802.11b/g compliant, cost effective module that maintains Atheros high performance standards with support for both Windows and Linux operating systems.
The GZ-701 700MHz mPCI card takes advantage of the latest advancements incorporated into the Atheros AR5006x chipset such as Scalable Bandwidth’s of 5, 10 and 20MHz as well as other features useful in a 700MHz network. It also boasts 19.5dBm of output power and an external antenna connector.
The XG-801 is Zcomax’s answer to the embedded CF market. This low profile module is based on the Broadcom BCM4318E chipset that was specifically designed for low power consumption. Its small size and 2 convenient Hirose u.FL antenna connections make it a perfect solution for compact battery powered designs.
The XI-325 Series of PC Cards are based on Conexant's legendary PRISM 2.5 chipset, which is renowned for robust wireless performance and excellent support. Available in 5 levels of output power for quick, application specific deployment. This model line includes the XI-325, XI-325H, XI-325HP, XI-325HP2 and XI-325HP3.
The XN-750 operates in the license exempt WiFi 2.4GHz bands avoiding the costs associated with licensing RF spectrum. The XN-750 provides two embedded antennas, one dedicated to transmitting and two dedicated to receiving, ensuring not only the optimization of speed but also maximizing coverage.
The CI-1500 Series uses the hardware performance features of the XI-1500 series and marries that with the enhanced software features available in the CPE series of products, including routing functions.