Founded in 2000, Zcomax Technologies Inc. is considered a leader and a pioneer in the Wireless LAN industry. Our goal is to continue to deliver the highest quality products based on the latest technology with excellent price-performance ratio. We achieve this through our disciplined manufacturing processes, innovative hardware and software designs, and most importantly, our partnerships with our valued customers.

Our success and reputation has been built on more than just producing quality products. We are also well known for delivering creative and effective solutions to the industry’s most challenging demands. With the wireless communications industry growing and evolving at a rapid pace, we are looking forward to contributing our experience and expertise in order to continually provide solutions that meet the needs of the future.

Zcomax specializes in broadband wireless products optimized for voice, data, and video transmissions, for the following environments and applications:

Oil & Mining – Internet access & communications
Security – Video Surveillance
Hospitality – Wireless access & hotspot
Entertainment – Wireless connectivity for gaming devices, consoles, displays, etc…
Media & Advertisement - Digital Signage
Education – wireless teaching aids
Healthcare – Wireless monitoring equipment - Telediagnostics
Industrial – Monitoring & Internet access
Transportation – Wireless connectivity and LTE-Fi
Warehousing & Logistics – Inventory and process management
Retail – POS connectivity
Manufacturing – Tracking, monitoring and control
Government – Wireless connectivity in law enforcement & municipal buildings
Fixed Wireless – Point to point, Point to multipoint, and WISP options
Enterprise – Corporate networks & Video Teleconferencing
SMB (Small to Medium Businesses) – Wireless network access
Financial & Credit Card Transactions
Shipping & Marina – Ship to Ship communication & Marina Wi-Fi
Carrier & Telecommunications – Wi-Fi offloading (3G/4G/LTE)
Metro & City – Wireless access in high density areas
Hot Spot
Factory & Inventory Management - Manufacturing processes
Rural Connectivity
Last Mile connections